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For the first time in Georgia - Retail PTS High Five x100

Open Beta Test Start - May 8 18:00 (GMT+4)

Server Official Start May 15 (Friday) 20:00 (GMT+4)

Recall that the current server is the official platform and not the Java emulator, all monster data, stats and absolutely everything on the server is as it should be in reality. Our main principle is that Lineage II should be the way their developers came up with it, so with minimal changes to the server and just making the game more comfortable with the S80 grade shop with the buffer, the rest will match the official High Five data. The current server guarantees you a stable and as good experience as possible and you also have a chance to play on the official platform. Our server is the only Georgian server that offers the official Retail PTS High Five chronicle.

Of course the server will have some of its small bugs that were actually on official servers at the time, and the word official platform doesn’t mean everything will be 100% working, but you will definitely have 100% better Expereance for any Java servers. good luck!

❕ Bonuses and promotions on our server

  • All testers (good testers) will be guaranteed starting bonuses.
  • All incoming clans will also be given a 5-level clan and a 25K reputation. (With at list 9 ppl in clan)
❕ Donation

  • Recall that our server is completely free and the server administration only handles it with its resources and free time. Also, the server does not oblige the players to donate any money to the server in order to play, any donation is voluntary and instead the administration donates virtual items (in our case Gold Einhasad) to the players according to the donation made.

❕ A little bit about our Retail PTS High Five x100

  • Server Start: May 15 (Friday) 20:00 (GMT+4).
  • Open Beta Test Start: May 8 (Friday) 18:00 (GMT+4).
  • Shop: S80 level in shop on adena.
  • Buffer: Full Buffer with resists and 83+ skills
  • Profession: 1 - 1 k adena, 2 - 10 k adena, 3 - 10 kk adena.
  • Nobless: Quest or Gold.
  • Sub class: Adena or Gold.
  • The starting adena on the OBT are 500 kk adena and 20 k golds.
  • Remind yourself that OBT and testing is generally aimed at showing what the server will look like at the opening so that the OBT and Live Server do not turn out differently.

 ❕ Server Rates

  • EXP & SP: x100
  • Adena: dynamic rates from x80 to x40. 
  • Epaluetes: x15
  • Bosses: x10
  • Quest Drop/Reward/Adena: x8
  • Drop & Spoil: x50
  • Fame: x2
  • Master Work craft chance : 3%

❕ Easy start

  • Everyone will have NG armor, bijouterie at the start
  • They will have NG, D, C Soulshots/Spiritshots
  • Will have D, C level armor (Shadow)
  • Will have NG, D weapons (Shadow)

 ❕ Major events on the server

  • Hero:  Every 1 week, the Olympics start on Monday, May 18th
  • Sieges: Every 2 weeks, first Sieges May 24th.
  • Territory Wars: Every 2 weeks, first battles May 24th.
  • Epic Bosses: All epic bosses will be dead at the start.
  • As a reminder, the fighting for the territory will start as soon as the Sieges are over and at least 2 castles are owned, that is, on Sunday at 22:00, According to official mechanics.

 ❕ Auction

  • There will be an auction on the server three times a week, a standard auction.
  • The auction will be open from 20:00 to 22:00.
  • The auction will be available from the first Monday of the start, May 18th.

❔ Details about boss respawns

  • Respawn for ordinary bosses: 24 Hour (+/- 60 minutes)
  • There will be destruction bosses on server.
  • Anakim Transformation scroll will drop only Anakim boss.
  • There will 3 LOA Bosses.
       Epic bosses:

  • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png
     Queen Ant (82 lvl): 24 Hour (+/- 30 minutes)
  • accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png
     Baium (82 lvl): 5 days (+/- 60 minutes)
  • accessary_dynasty_ring_i00.png
     Beleth (83 lvl): 6 days (+/- 60 წუთი)
  • accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png
     Antharas (82 lvl): 7 days  (+/- 60 minutes)
  • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png
     Valakas (85 lvl): 9 days (+/- 60 minutes)
  • Epic Boss Zones want be PVP zones.

❕ Instance Zones:

  • Night Zaken: 27-72 Players (1-85 level)
  • Zaken Day: 9-27 Players (55-85 level)
  • Day Zaken High: 9-27 Players (78-85 level)
  • Freya Normal: (9+2) - 27 Players (82-85 level) (Needs Command Chanel)
  • Freya Extreme: 18 - 45 Players (82-85 level) (Needs Command Chanel)
  • Frintezza: 9+2 - 45 Players (80-85 level) (Needs Command Chanel)
  • Tiat: 9+2 Players (75-85 level)

 ❕ Details about the Olympics:

  • Olympic time is standard from 18:00 to 12:00 PM (GMT+4).
  • At least 5 players are required for non-class fights
  • No battles other than non-class will be held at the Olympics
  • No restrictions on enchant
  • Starting points - 10

 ❕ Premium Account + 50% (Drop/Spoil/XP/SP/Fame):

  • + 50% rates - 1 day 100 
  • + 50% rates - 3 days 250 
  • + 50% rates - 7 days 500  
  • Premium don't work on Knight's Epaluete drop, Bosses and on Quests.

 ❕ Enchant Information:

  • Weapon Max: +21
  • Armor Max: +21
  • Jewel Max +21
  • Safe enchant: +3, (Full Armor +4).
  • There want be Olf Shirt on our server.

 ❕ Antibot and Interface:

  • favicon-32x32.png
     server will be protected from bots (including paid adrenaline sometime), clickers and other third party applications. (Strix-Guard)
  • The administration will also periodically monitor the game.
  • ❗ You will not be able to access the server if you make any changes to our system folder. ❗
  • You own interface with different add-ons and functionality will make the game and routine processes easier for you.

 ❕ Currency on the server:

  • etc_adena_i00.png
     - obtained through play
  • etc_magic_coin_gold_i02.png
     - Donate Coin from donation.
  • etc_coin_of_fair_i00.png
     - 1 to 10 drop from the 40 lvl+ Raid Bosses.

❕ About paid services:

  • Clan Points (on adena , 100 point - 1kk)
  • Premium
  • Nobless
  • [SIZE= 16px]Sub Class on adena[/SIZE]

 ❕ Donation:

  • There will be new Cloacks (it will be possible to wear Cloacks on any armor from even 1 level) See Cloacks
  • There will be no items in the Donat that affecting the gaming process
  • There will be no Ecnhant scrolls in donate, nor will anything enchanted items
  • There will be no epic Jewels in Donate
  • There will be no armor or Jewel above the Vesper Armor in the Donate
  • There will be different accessories in the Donate - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • There will be Giant's Codex Mastery
  • There will be belts - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • There will be Cloacks - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • There will be MW Moirai and MW Vesper Armor
  • Life Stones - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • Soul Crystals - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • Neolothic - (On Festival adena too -> event shop)
  • [SIZE= 16px]Clan Skills[/SIZE]

 ❕ სერვერზე არსებული ბრძანებები

  • [SIZE= 18px].offline - [/SIZE][SIZE= 16px]offline trading[/SIZE]
  • .expon - Disable Exp gain for player
  • .expoff - Enable Exp gain for player
  • .petexpon - Disable Exp gain for pet
  • .petexpoff - Enable Exp gain for pet

 ❕ Other details that may be of interest to you:

  • etc_reagent_blue_i00.png
     Mana will give u 1000 mp during 10 seconds and reuse will be 10 seconds.
  • Buff / Song-Dance limit 20 (+4) / 12 - Standart.
  • Autolearn skills till 85 lvl. (Forgottens Scrolls will be in shop for adena for symbolic price)
  • Sub Class max level 80.
  • Buff time 1 hour. 
  • Free buffer and teleporter till 40 lvl.
  • There will be Macro -1 bug and Spiritshot lag.
  • Clan Penalties will be only 6 hour.
  • Chant of Protection and Counter Critical Do not replace each other as it must be!

❗  Please note that the information is not final and will be updated before the test is completed.

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