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[GM] Lucas

Welcome dear players,

First of all we want to thank you for your interest in donation rules.

Please note that "donation" means the will to provide you with a certain amount of money, the amount of money you need, and support for the server.

When you make a donation, whether or not you agree to the donation rules, since there are many other ways to make a donation on the website, or if the donation has been made individually (with the help of the administration) you will automatically agree to the following:
  • Donations will not be refunded except for the goodwill donated by the administration.
  • It will not be appealed if your expectations are not met, as the administration cannot guarantee the proper and unlimited operation of the server.
  • Regardless of the amount of donations you make, you are not prioritizing those who are just playing and donating. The administration treats all players as equal players, with equal rights as described in our Terms of Service.
  • The administration is also grateful to all the players who helped develop the server and motivate the server!
We wish you all a pleasant fun!
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