Promotion Bonuses for voting!

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[GM] Lucas

Bonuses for voting!

Dear players, we have prepared for you an excellent bonus for voting for our server! In just a few clicks, you can help our project with promotion and get the Festival Adena(event currency)!

>>> Vote for our server <<<

For Voting, you receive:
🎁 Festival Adena - 1-10 per vote!
Festival Adena can be spent in event shop for various items!
Note! you should take into consideration that sometimes the voting systems have the delay!

We recommend! Vote for the server several times before the opening, at least 1-2 times, as for the first time voting you might not receive any bonus, as voting system has to save your vote just for verification.

Important! We do not give out the bonuses for the voting error, if by somehow the voting system has not counted your vote as valid one!
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